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[Grand Stade du HAC]

A new built stadium requires new display systems. That’s also
what our client in Le Havre, France had in mind. During the
construction of the new stadium Grand Stade du HAC we were
asked to install two high-end LED video displays and a LED
perimeter. Since the construction works were not finished yet
after the display installation, we had to cover the mounted
displays until they could prove themselves at the first soccer
match in July 2012.

For each of the two ordered 46 m² S[quadrat] SO [10/20] NT
Video Displays we constructed a steel construction that is
directly connected to the concrete of the tribune. The displays
are controlled by S[quadrat] SX [ScoreboardTV] Content Manage-
ment Software specifically designed for soccer matches. For
the perimeter we installed 140 m² S[quadrat] SO [20] NT Light
modules which are controlled by our brand new SX [PerimeterTV]
Content Management System for perimeter and fascia displays.


May/ August 2012

Technical data
2 x S[quadrat] SO [10/20] NT
1 x S[quadrat] SOP [20] NT Light

2 x 46 m²
176 m x 0.8 m = 140.8 m²