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The new opened stadium Juventus Turin in Italy requests an advertising banner consisting of LED perimeter modules installed by us and our partner Sony Europe. This banner location requires special, robust mechanics, which protects the LED module as well as the players against impacts. Since the modules will be set on the ground, we also have to consider changing ground conditions.


Our first premium perimeter display S[quadrat] SOP [6/12] NT consists of 205 modules with a total area of 295,2 m². In addition to our new developed special perimeter housings we use soft protectors made of soft foam material as impact protection on the top of the modules. Protective soft shaders at the LED panels ensure the protection against frontal effects. 8 mm thick underlays underneath the perimeter feet ensure the protection against wetness and compensate unevenness of the ground. The controlling of the perimeter is effected by our control system Click Effects Blaze.


November 2011

Sony Professional Solution Europe

Tecnical Data:
205 x S[quadrat] SOP [6/12] NT Perimeter

295,2 m²